The Good News,
The Plagues of Pandaemonia

[An Historical Review of Human Misery
Its Cause and Its Imminent Conclusion]

(   Austin TX February 2007)

[Concerning the Above Title]


This is a Latin expression which means "[the] Mystery of [the] Word of God," which expression, as we will hopefully come to appreciate, suggests that the Verbum Dei, (i.e., the Word of God, i.e., the BIBLE,) contains an inherent "secret" or "mystery" which is NOT commonly known. In fact, the Verbum Dei speaks of this "mystery" [Greek, musthrion] frequently, [This word [musthrion] occurs 25 times in the Greek text of the N.T.] yet its truly remarkable implications remain, for all practical purposes, unknown to Bible readers at large...

Intriguingly, the Apostle Paul reveals WHY this is the case, pointing out that "...the god of this world" is blinding people's ability to comprehend the Bible's inherent message, which is, in fact, "the Good News." [2 Corinthians 4:4] And this "Good News" [Greek: euaggelion] is inextricably bound up with the above-mentioned musthrion. Therefore, the overall effect of this "god's" malicious activity (which is, in fact, a deception of the highest order) is that the mystery (or secret) of the Bible [i.e., the "Verbi Dei Mysterium"] and its inherent content, the Good News, (euaggelion) have indeed(!) been "hidden from mankind since time immemorial..." [Romans 16:25]

And very relatedly...
Since mankind has also been plagued with misery "since time immemorial," it appears that both the "Mystery" and the "Misery" have arisen together from a common point in mankind's obscure and ancient past! Therefore, it would seem that an examination of the temporal connection between these two phenomena (the Mystery of the Good News, and the Misery which conceals it so effectively) might be very revealing - especially in light of the fact that, throughout mankind's history, the 'the god of this world,' has been feverishly intent on hiding the former and propagating the latter!

The above title, i.e., "the god of this world" [Greek: o qeoV tou aiwnoV toutou] is NOT a reference to God Almighty, but is, instead, a reference to another entity, very malign and obviously(!) very powerful...     (more on this later)

2. "The Plagues of Pandaemonia"

Words such as "Armenia," "Germania," "Utopia," "Liberia," "Bolivia," etc., are immediately recognized as place names. And such place names, if familiar to one, conjure up specific notions about the places themselves. However, this may not be so with the name "Pandaemonia."

In the spirit of cartographic innuendo, the format of this name (like the names above) suggests that Pandaemonia is a place. However, since it does NOT have an overt history which would allow one to conjure up distinct suppositions about its locational character, (and apart from its apparently coincidental similarity to the familiar term "pandemonium," (i.e., chaos and noise such as one might find in a room full of "sugared-up" kids) ) we may be at a loss to say for sure just where (or what!) Pandaemonia is.

We can, however, draw some reasonable conclusions about the general character of Pandaemonia based upon the etymology of its name.

It is very purely Greek and is derived from the prefix "pan-" [pan (meaning "all")] and the word "daimonion" [Greek genitive plural form of daimonion (meaning "demon")] With the above in mind, the resulting lexical concoction then suggests a "place full of demons," with all that that implies, such as endless and grievous plagues, etc... Where this place is - and its relationship to the countless plagues historically and presently associated with human misery - will be discussed in this narrative.


Identifying Pandaemonia (the Place)...
Having determined that, etymologically and cartographically, Pandaemonia suggests a "place full of demons," we will build upon that suggestion. However, our continued discussion of the matter would be moot if we harbored the common notion that demons don't really exist, but are merely a literary "metaphor" for the dark side of humanity - and that, therefore, a "place full of demons" would simply be a "philosophical" extension of that metaphor...

In fact, however, the Bible ["Verbum Dei"] emphatically declares otherwise... In all Biblical instances in which demons are depicted, they are clearly [very real] malicious creatures working in opposition to the will of God and pursuing an extremely malign and murderous agenda with humanity in the cross-hairs. We will examine a sufficient number of Biblical instances of this as we proceed in our discussion. For now, however, let's concentrate on determining where the dark realm of Pandaemonia is, for if humanity is indeed in the cross-hairs of murderous demonic intent, then knowing where Pandaemonia is (i.e., where the demons are) would be strategically advantageous...

Biblical Coordinates...
The clearest Biblical reference to the location of the dark realm of Pandaemonia follows and is quoted from the Revelation of John in the original Greek. We find here a description of a momentous event which transpired sometime between the time John wrote the Revelation (c 1900 years ago) and now...





And the great dragon was thrown down
the original serpent
the one called Devil and Satan
the one deceiving the whole world of mankind

He was thrown down to the Earth
and his angels were thrown down with him...

Woe for the Earth and the sea
because the Devil has come down to you
having great anger
knowing that he has little time...

[Revelation 12:9,12]

This ancient Biblical commentary certainly has relevance to our discussion and lends clear situational and locational credence to the notion that our lovely planet has, for some undisclosed time, (since the above-described event) been serving as the captive habitation of enraged demons...which is to say that Planet Earth is, in fact, Pandaemonia - the Place!

Let's review the parameters of this interesting statement...
The above excerpt from the Revelation of John says, (and has consistently said, for the last two thousand years no less!)   (1) that Satan and his demon angels have been forcibly thrown down to Earth.   (2) In view of the horrific history of unprecedented carnage which mankind has witnessed and suffered, (just within the last century alone!) the possibility of this described situation being literal is more plausible than not! (Indeed! The Revelation says, "Woe for the Earth and the sea..." because of it!)   (3) This dangerous scenario obtains in the midst of ongoing demonic "deception" of mankind on a scale which is global! [The fact that rational humans would tend to dismiss this notion as mythical fantasy (and certainly NOT real!) is symptomatic of the nature of deception, which by its very definition escapes the cognitive perception of its victims! (cf, the Apostle Paul's confirmation of this phenomenon stated at 2 Corinthians 4:4 already cited above)] Thus, (4) the prime mover-and-shaker of this astounding dynamic (Satan himself!) has (as the "original serpent" ) been heading up this macabre business since Eden, and   (5) There is a clear implication that this "macabre business" is, as stated above, "time-constrained," meaning that an END to it is forthcoming AND that Satan and his demons are well aware of this. [cf, Matthew 8:29 where demons admit to Christ that they are aware of a time limit to their sadistic tenure.]

These listed items are easily and reasonably deduced from the ancient text just cited. If this text is indeed "inspired of God" and true, then mankind is (in fact!) clearly co-existing with demons in the dangerous and globally-encompassing realm of Pandaemonia...

Furthermore...(and this is very significant...)
The Biblical context in which the above event occurred indicates that a war of some sort took place in heaven, and Satan and his demon hordes were the losers! Subsequently, they were cast OUT of heaven and down to the earth and now occupy (in some sort of confinement) our terrestrial environs! [Revelation 12:7-9] Let's think about this for a minute...

Whereas BEFORE the above-described event, Satan and his demons had free-ranging access to the heavens, (i.e., by logical extension, the Universe!) NOW, they are unwillingly (and ignominiously (in defeat) ) trapped in the vicinity of our lovely planet! This is roughly akin to taking a bunch of free-ranging sharks from their vast oceanic domain and placing them in someone's bathtub! ...which would then (logically!) be declared "off-limits" to anyone with half-a-brain... Hence, the "great anger" of these confined and frustrated creatures. And it does not take an overly-active imagination to surmise that demons in their "normal"(!) mental state (e.g., murderous, sadistic, cruel, deviant, rebellious, greedy, perverted, etc., etc.) would be bad enough to have as disruptive neighbors - but trapped and frustrated demons in a state of "great anger" living with us on Planet Earth (i.e., Pandaemonia) is a horrifying concept...

Let's review the Biblical underpinnings of such a concept...

The [Biblical] History of Pandaemonia...
It is of great interest to note that Pandaemonia ("the Earthly venue full of demons") had a distinct beginning: The Biblical account in Genesis states that at the end of the 6th "Creative Day," God assessed what he had accomplished in preparing the Earth for human habitation at that point and declared everything to be "...very good," [Genesis 1:31] which, in the spirit of divine assessment, cannot get any better! To affirm, let's review the state of affairs on Planet Earth at such point...

1. The Earth is completely and divinely prepared for human habitation, in perfect ecological balance...

2. There be humans there! (two perfect people of opposite gender with the divine mandate to "fill the earth" with their kind!

3. They are both in Eden (a garden park designed and established by God himself! (if one can possibly imagine - given mankind's infinitely INFERIOR ability to design and establish breath-takingly beautiful park venues himself(!) (e.g., the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon," one of the seven ancient "Wonders of the World.") )

4. Adam and Eve are, at their pleasant leisure, (and with the assistance of their steadily augmenting numbers of offspring) to extend the boundaries of Eden to the ends of the Earth. (Note that, at this juncture in the Genesis account, there is, as yet, NO suggestion that humans are to be subject to the plagues of aging and death due to the "wages of sin..." [Romans 6:23] because sin has not yet been introduced into this peaceful venue...)   [more on this below...CODE BLUE]

5. Things are, therefore, as God himself has assessed, "...very good."   (Indeed!)

Regarding this pristine and idyllic state of affairs, it is very intriguing to bear in mind that, according to the ancient Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, God had apparently assigned a trusted angel (who remains nameless in the Scriptural narrative) to "watch over" planet earth in the capacity of "guardian." According to the Hebrew Masoretic text, his title (by virtue of his very honorable appointment) was, "kherub mimshach hasokhekh." [Hebrew: כרוב ממשׁח הסוכך] The meaning of this difficult ancient phrase is uncertain, however, it seems to suggest an "anointed protector-[covering-]angel-[cherub]" who, as implied by his intriguing title, was to watch over (i.e., protect) planet Earth and its perfect human inhabitants, as a divinely-appointed guardian.

Following is Ezekiel's brief and somewhat cryptic declaration which lends to this conclusion: [NOTE: The following translation is taken from the New International Version, (NIV) however, the reader is encouraged to check other Bible translations to get a feeling for how the above Hebrew phrase has been rendered by other translators.]

Ezekiel 28:12-15:
[Context: Ezekiel is instructed by God to direct a dirge to the King of Tyre. However, using a literary device common in Biblical prophecy, Ezekiel simultaneously directs the dirge to yet another personage hidden in context, i.e., the "covering cherub."]

"Son of man, take up a lament concerning the king of Tyre and say to him: 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: 'You were the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: ruby, topaz and emerald, chrysolite, onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared. You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you....'"

Regarding this declaration, it is not difficult to surmise that, although it is, at a basic level, directed to the King of Tyre, it is, nevertheless, loaded with meaning which would apply clearly to another [hidden] recipient, e.g., the "covering cherub." (See a similar application of such messaging conveyed to dual recipients at 1 Samuel 20:19-23, in which Jonathan the son of King Saul, conveys a hidden message to his friend David via a servant to whom he (Jonathan) is speaking directly, while David (the intended recipient) is hiding in the background.)

Thus, it is at a sad juncture in the extremely understated Edenic idyl that things go terribly awry. It appears that the "covering cherub" in a fit of primordial hubris, willfully abandons his divinely appointed task of Earth-guardian and pursues an agenda in stark opposition to his Creator's will, thereby standing up as "the opposer" of God. By virtue of this opposition, he acquires the title by which he has been most formally known throughout subsequent human history, i.e., "Satan," [Hebrew: שׂטן, meaning "opposer"] and the Earth, now on a new trajectory of unremitting plagues of pain, misery and death, has not been the same since...

It is a point of outrageous irony that the intended "Guardian" and "Protector" of planet Earth and Mankind has taken it upon himself to become, instead, their [i.e., Earth's and mankind's] worst enemy. In the thousands of years which have elapsed since this angelic betrayal, we have seen nothing but an endless succession of unimaginable horrors visited upon mankind, by forces which defy any description other than "satanic," and which suggest powerful and inimical influences which extend far beyond the realm of capability (or even the imagination!) of mankind alone.

A very revealing and confirming "Satanic" signature in all of this historical travail is found in the constantly reflected pattern of "trusted protective guardianship" gone terribly wrong. (as it did in Eden...) e.g., government authorities, religious leaders, big business luminaries, even parents(!) and "big brothers" (e.g., Cain, who murdered his younger brother) engaging in the wholesale perversion of their "trusted protective guardianship" to the demonically intolerable detriment of those who are below them on the food chain... A few recent and searing examples come to mind:  the Nazi Holocaustthe "Killing Fields" of Cambodiathe global plague of sexual exploitation of women and childrenthe genocidal meltdown in Darfur Sudanthe "harvesting" of human organs from (and hence, the murder of) "commercially abundant" nameless street waifs from the urban slums of the 3rd worldRwanda, etc., ad infinitum ignotum...

This short list of sordid examples clearly demonstrates the continued existence of an ancient pattern of unimaginable evil engineered and loosed upon humanity by the "Big Brother" of them all, the "Guardian-Cherub" in Eden who willfully chose to abuse his divinely-appointed authority and become Satan, the Opposer of God...

It is, therefore, not without reason that the Christ, in his famous Lord's Prayer (aka the "Our Father") demonstrated the absolute need, when praying, to be mindful of including our fervent petition to God that we be delivered from Satan, whom he referred to here as the Evil One."   [Greek: o ponhroV Context: "...ina rusai hmaV apo tou ponhrou..."] Matthew 6:13

Interestingly, this same sentiment is reflected again during Christ's last night with his apostles, in which he expressed deep concern for their welfare in his absence, praying that God protect them from "the Evil One."   [Greek: ina thrhshV autouV ek tou ponhrou..." ] John 17:15

Note that, in the Greek substantive spirit, the definite article preceding the adjective "evil" in these phrases suggests that Christ was NOT talking about Evil as a mere philosophical abstraction, (as incorrectly implied in many Bible translations) but was, in fact, referring to a specific Evil Entity. (i.e., "the Evil One," Satan himself.)

In light of this...
It would be very prudent to remember that, according to the Bible, [Verbum Dei] Satan is not alone in his sinister execution of evil here on Earth. Recall that, in our earlier reference to Satan's abasement to planet Earth, [Revelation 12:9 CODE RED above.] we were informed that, "...his [Satan's] angels (i.e., "fallen" angels, i.e., "demons") were cast down [to Earth] with him..." which matter-of-factly reveals the existence of amassed armies of "fallen angels" (i.e., demons) whose residence is now confined to our planet, which, as already posited, may justifiably be dubbed Pandaemonia...

And there is more!
An ADDITIONAL ominous detail relating to this frightening scenario reveals itself in the ancient (Old Testament) book of Daniel, written over 600 years BEFORE the Revelation of John!, i.e., that planet Earth had already! apparently been parcelled out in a sort of "territorial land-grab" in which demon "princes" [Hebrew: שׂרים "sarim"] had been given dominion (presumably by Satan himself - the "Ruler of the World" [Greek: o arcwn tou kosmou] John 14:30, (cf, 1 John 5:19) ) over the geographic areas encompassing Earth's human population. (Please refer to Daniel 10:13,20, in which an angel informs Daniel that in order to come to him on specific missions from God, he (the angel) had to negotiate (mildly put!) Earth passage via some sort of angelic conflict with certain demon "Princes," i.e., the demon princes of Persia and Greece.)

It is, therefore, not without reason that the Apostle Paul warns that Earth's human inhabitants, while engaging in the singular task of daily survival, (and this task varies in HUGE degrees of intensity - depending upon where one is located on Earth, i.e., under the jurisdiction of which demon prince one is living...) are in fact, fighting "...against the world rulers of darkness and against the evil spirit forces in heavenly places..." [Greek: proV touV kosmokratoraV tou skotouV toutou proV ta pneumatika thV ponhriaV en toiV epouranioiV...] Ephesians 6:12

Regarding the tragic state of affairs thus far implied by the above verbiage, the most poignant detail is that mankind's introduction to "sin" (via satanic intervention in Eden) included (most prominently) mankind's introduction to death... Or, as the Apostle Paul stated, "...through one man (Adam - who was thus induced by Satan the Devil) sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men..."   Romans 5:12

The amazing thing about this astounding scriptural declaration is the profound underlying realization that mankind was NOT originally intended to die... (i.e., God originally created mankind with the inherent capacity to live forever!)   This remarkable notion is easily inferred by reading CAREFULLY between the lines at Genesis 2:17, where it is made clear that, it is ONLY through the fatal decision made by Adam (induced by Satan) to disobey his Creator's divine injunction, (as stated by the Apostle Paul above) that we are a dying species - whereas, CLEARLY, it need NOT have been that way originally...

Thus, as a result of wholly unwelcome satanic intervention in God's original purpose for the Earth and Mankind, he [mankind] began to die, thereby LOSING his expectation of paradise; LOSING his inherent capacity to enjoy that paradise forever; LOSING peace; LOSING happiness; LOSING security; LOSING health; LOSING his connection to God; LOSING essentially everything for which he has been striving (in abject futility) ever since... [ Ask yourself dear reader...   "What is it that you are are striving for?" "What is it that you are yearning for in the still hours of your countless sleepless nights - when your original legacy calls to you but you hear it only faintly? (or not at all?)"   Is it not these very things: Peace? Happiness? Security? A long healthy Life for you and your loved ones? Fulfillment? A meaningful connection to God? etc...]

In fact, the Apostle Paul confirms the above by pointing out very eloquently that we are indeed awash in a sea of seemingly endless futility, BUT, that there is a clearly implied END to it, and, therefore a reason for HOPE that a release from the corrupting effects of the "Edenic Tragedy" might be forthcoming, i.e., "...the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but by the will of him who subjected it [God] on the basis of [a divinely-established] HOPE that the creation will [at some point future to the Edenic tragedy] be set free from slavery to corruption..."  Romans 8:20-21 (...bearing in mind that the corruption which we are to be set free from is (from the standpoint of humans) most painfully manifested in the stark and futile reality of death, whose perveyor is none other than the "Original Serpent," [in Eden] the Supreme Pontif of Pandaemonia himself: Satan, the Devil.)

In this regard, there is unsettling sardonic relevance to the fact that the Bible refers to Satan by numerous death-related titles and contexts, which thematic association has been propagated by world literature and mythology for millennia, to the extent that nobody would seriously argue against the direct association of Satan with death.

A few Biblical examples follow:

"Beelzebub," [Greek: Beelzeboul (from Hebrew: בעלזבוב, likely meaning "Lord of the Flies.")] Matthew 10:25 (The Bible's juxtaposing the offspring of flies [i.e., maggots] and death is very common: Job 21:26; Isaiah 14:11)

"Anthropoktonos," [Greek: anqrwpoktonoV meaning "manslayer," "murderer"] John 8:44

"O Kratos-Ekhonta tou Thanatou," [Greek: O KratoV Econta tou Qanatou meaning "the [one] holding [the] power of death"] Hebrews 2:14

Let's examine more closely the mind-boggling extent of influence of this frightful and murderous being, under whose purview mankind has been struggling and dying (in futility) for 6000 years...

"The Ruler of the World"
As noted above, this phrase ("The Ruler of the World") translates the Greek phrase O arcwn tou kosmou and it occurs several times in the Bible - ALWAYS with reference to our fiendish "friend."

Note the subtle confirming implications of Satan's GLOBAL dominion in the following very revealing "peek" behind the curtain which conceals the "wheelworks" of Pandaemonia from mankind - as recorded at Matthew 4:8-9 (NIV) "Again, the Devil [NOTE re "the Devil": My CAPs (not NIV's) - We are not talking about just any devil, of which there are many, as already discussed above. We are talking about THE Devil, "The Ruler of the World"] took him [Christ] to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 'All this I will give you,' he [the Devil] said, 'if you will bow down and worship me.'"

The profound implications of this brief encounter which Christ had with Satan are almost always missed by casual readers of the Bible, who fail to appreciate here that the Devil is [indeed!] declared by the Bible to be the "Ruler of the World"(!) - with the authority to offer it (i.e., the world) to whomever he chooses! Luke's rendition of this same event (following) nicely solidifies this notion:

Luke 4:5-6 (NIV) "The Devil [Again, my CAPs] led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, 'I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.'"

Note carefully dear reader that Satan himself said, (regarding the World and its splendor and authority) " has been given to me..." [Greek: emoi paradetotai]   Note also that Jesus did NOT contest this bold declaration of Satan's ownership and authority!

As we have already seen above, the Bible succinctly answers the immediate compelling question, "Who gave Satan this authority?!" (see again, Romans 8:20-21 recalling that God gave him this authority by allowing the creation to be subject to the futility which he [Satan] had wrought, in conjunction with two disobedient human beings.)

The next compelling question is, "Why would God do that?!" Again, Romans 8:20-21 indicates that he did this "...on the basis of HOPE that the creation [thenceforth awash in the futility of sin and death, and all of the terrible anguish that that implies!] would [at some undisclosed point in the future] be set free..." from this terrible predicament.

But what does this really mean?

The Good News Emerging...
Dear Reader: The following segment of our narrative is going to require a significant readjustment (and strenuously altered focus) of your normal neural response mechanisms. So please let Milka and Tungus go outside and romp in the yard for a while. (You don't need them around at the moment...) Sit down and relax. (Get a cup of coffee if you wish...) And consider the following astounding supposition with as open a mind as you can muster:

Because death has been such a compelling and inescapable phenomenon in our lives, and in our collective history and consciousness (...the insatiable flesh-eating monster in our "long-lasting closet" [Greek: sarkofagoV "sarcophagus" meaning "flesh-eating."] ) we automatically regard it as something which simply CANNOT be averted or conquered - EVER... We are morosely resigned to it. It is as the ancient proverbialist said, even thousands of years ago, crying out in anguish to a needed saviour, (ANY saviour!) "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward the slaughter." [Proverbs 24:11] Therefore, think carefully about the overpowering ramifications of our historical and demonically-manipulated conditioning to "accept" death as the "normal" default for life...

Please recall that, according to Revelation 12:9,12 [CODE RED] above, a Grand Deception is being perpetrated by the "Ruler of the World." (Re-read Revelation 12:9,12 above, and note the nature and extent of the sadistic activity which the Ruler of the World, the "Original Serpent", is engaging in during his cruel [but fortunately] limited tenure, i.e., he is "deceiving the whole world of mankind...")

We may, therefore, reasonably suspect [and we will subsequently pursue this suspicion] that an integral part of Satan's grand deception would include purposeful and sadistic disinformation about the nature of death. Why? Because, according to the Apostle Paul's divinely inspired assessment of this matter, mankind has been (throughout his history!) "subject to slavery" due to his abject "fear of death..."   [Hebrews 2:15] Who [do you suppose...] might benefit from this oppressive dynamic?

Consider, for example, how the fear of death was a singularly powerful motivator for compliance with the Nazi agenda with regard to its rank-and-file perpetrators: "Do what you're told or die!" Note at Job 2:4, this is EXACTLY the contention which Satan made regarding how man would react to the compelling threat of death: "Everything that a man has, he will give for his life!"

With the above in mind...
Consider carefully and objectively HOW the commonly perceived notions which humans have of death could (quite conceivably!) have been sculpted by the Grand Deceiver himself for his own agenda! After all, the spector of DEATH is essentially what "colors" our view of LIFE and how we live it! Therefore, if the Ruler of the World could construct a global perception of death which is grossly misleading, then such perception would be a very powerful negative controlling force in human affairs by simple virtue of the fact that humans have become hopelessly resigned to it - when, in fact, such resignation might be entirely unfounded! And rest assured that the perveyor of this deception would certainly NOT want anybody to be aware of this...

Considering the insanely vast and disproportionate amount of time we humans have spent (c. 6000 years!) experiencing the tragic inescapability of death, (compared, for example, with our brief and idyllic sojourn in Eden, in which there was no death...) we have (very mistakenly) come to regard death as "normal" - simply because of its seemingly endless historical tenure! In fact, however, recalling our discussion above, [CODE BLUE] we should EASILY be able to comprehend that, from God's perspective, (i.e., as stated in the Verbum Dei!) it is life WITHOUT death which should be normal!   [Again... Read between the lines Genesis 2:17 and context where we see that, if Adam had exercised his free will in favor of obedience to God's mandate, he would still be alive. And WE, his offspring, would be sharing his legacy of endless life...]

With this intriguing realization in mind, we immediately ask, "How then do we get out of this endless death march to the grave and get BACK to normal?!"

While it is true that mankind's navicular (as in "relating to ones navel") preoccupation with his short-lived self compels him to regard 6000 years as an insufferable eternity, such is certainly NOT the case with God. (2 Peter 3:8) Furthermore, the Bible assures careful readers that whatever God determines to be, WILL BE, (Isaiah 55:11) regardless of what Satan (the "opposer") may engineer to the contrary...

Thus, when at the end of the 6th Creative Day, (while mankind still had the capacity, per God's intention, to live forever) God surveyed his work and declared it to be "very good," we may be very confident that the foolish rebellion of a puny hubris-laden demon and a disobedient man and woman is NOT going to be allowed to trash indefinitely that which God himself has determined to be "very good..." (Does that not make simple sense? (Remember, we are talking about the Creator of the Universe here! - NOT the guy who takes your order at Starbuck's!) )

Therefore, the Apostle Paul, under divine inspiration, could state with confidence (as quoted above) that God allowed the creation to be subjected to futility on the basis of HOPE that he [God] would eventually FREE the creation from such futility, (Romans 8:20-21) which "FREEing" would, of necessity, involve the "decommissioning" of the very one "who holds the power of death" - that is, the Devil. [Hebrews 2:14] aka, "The Ruler of the World!" [John 14:30, 1 John 5:19]

Remarkably, the most ancient Biblical expression of the above-mentioned hope makes just such a promise. Indeed!, immediately after Satan played his cruel hand in Eden, and brought mankind under abject slavery to sin and death by inducing his disobedience to God, God pronounced judgement against him (i.e., the Devil) in Eden, indicating that a future "seed" (i.e., "offspring," [of Man] ("Son of Man" if you will! - an obvious future reference to Jesus Christ!)) would kill Satan ["bruise" (i.e., crush) his head] and thus, END his cruel and sadistic rulership over planet Earth...

This most ancient of divine prophecies (c.6000 years old!) appears immediately following and presents God, in Eden, pronouncing this future judgement of death on Satan at the hands of Jesus Christ, the future "Seed:"

[Genesis 3:15]

ואיבה אשׁית בינך ובין האשׁה
ובין זרעך ובין זרעה
הוא ישׁופך ראשׁ ואתה תשׁופנו עקב

And I will put enmity Between you and the woman,
And between your seed and her Seed;
He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.

This remarkable pronouncement, taken together with the fact that the Bible explicitly declares Christ to BE the "Seed;" [Galatians 3:16 KJV] and to BE "the Lamb of God who removes sin from the world..." [John 1:29] should enable us to see clearly that God's solution to mankind's long and seemingly interminable history of sin and death is their total removal! (i.e., The removal of sin - and therefore, the removal of death, [Romans 6:22,23] followed by the execution of the one who started it all - the Grand Deceiver! [Romans 16:20] )

Furthermore, NOTE that the Bible plainly declares this prophesied resolution to the Edenic Tragedy as taking effect ON PLANET EARTH! (Recall that the Edenic tragedy OCCURRED on planet Earth, Eden being (formerly) located in the northeast sector of the country now known as Turkey, near Lake Van...) Thus, planet EARTH is where the focus of this issue lies - planet EARTH is where sin and death and Satan are. Therefore, the removal of these unsavory and unacceptable aspects of life FROM planet EARTH is clearly an EARTHLY dynamic! [i.e., Things are NOT removed from where they are NOT! n'est-ce pas, mes chers amis?!]

That being the case, (...and with Milka and Tungus still romping in the yard) notice the "altered" perception you should now have of the following ancient scriptural confirmation of these amazing assertions, and their "new" and refreshing application - i.e., to an Earth and Mankind restored to perfection, (with the prospect of endless life!) as was the case at the end of the "6th Creative Day" - PRIOR to Satan's meddling. (Good News, to say the least!)

Genesis 22:18
[God speaking to Abraham regarding his [Abraham's] geneological "seed," Jesus Christ:]
"By means of your seed, all nations of the EARTH will bless themselves."

Psalm 37:10-11
[And what might that blessing logically include?]
"The meek will inherit the EARTH and will delight in abundant peace."

Psalm 37:27
"The righteous will possess the EARTH and dwell in it forever." [dwelling on Earth "forever" clearly implying that death is gone!]

Proverbs 2:22
"The wicked [including Satan and his demon hordes, and their mindless human minions] will be torn away from it!" [i.e., torn away (forcibly removed) from the Earth!, i.e., destroyed!]

Revelation 21:1-4
[The result of these remarkable developments being, as the Apostle John confirms...]
"... a NEW EARTH... with DEATH gone!"

Matthew 6:10
Thus, "GOD's will [and NOT Satan's] will (at long last!) be done on EARTH as it is in heaven..."

All of this makes perfect sense because "...God gave the EARTH to mankind..." [Psalm 115:16] and "...formed it for habitation..." [Isaiah 45:18] as was his intention from the very beginning - with righteous (good) people who have the innate capacity to live endlessly! - WITHOUT being harrassed and bedeviled (literally!) by godless fools, incorrigible reprobates and inveterate perveyors of death and evil, whether such be demonic or human...

In the light of these astounding Biblical assertions, notice the refreshing dimension which now presents itself in conjunction with the following VERY subject-related Biblical term "zwh aiwnioV", meaning (literally) "everlasting life!" "life that lasts forever!" "eternal life!"

Because the concept suggested by this term is historically inconceivable, it has, over the centuries, been stripped of its real power by the unwarranted doctrinal assignation of "ethereal" or "heavenly" overtones, relegating it to the realm of unattainable myth and legend. In fact, however, this term means EXACTLY what it says!, Notice its use in the following Biblical verses and try and sense its unique "EARTH-i-ness" in view of what we have been discussing! i.e, try and imagine that this term MEANS life on EARTH - Life which will NOT conclude in death!:

NOTE: The Bible translation used immediately following is the "New Life Version" (NLV) by simple virtue of the fact that it translates the Greek term in question with the phrase "life that lasts forever," which phrase, quite effectively, divests itself of the very common "pulpity/churchy" notions which incorrectly suggest that "dying and going to heaven" is the only way in which "life that lasts forever" is to be obtained.   Thus, there is no doubt that when most people hear the phrase "eternal life" or "life eternal," etc., their "heaven chip" automatically activates and they are almost invariably unable to assign this term to any other venue than heaven...

Hopefully, the NLV rendition of zwh aiwnioV will keep Milka and Tungus at bay long enough to "short-circuit" the [otherwise] very common "pavlovian" response to this notion.

John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. Whoever puts his trust in God's Son will not be lost but will have life that lasts forever."

John 3:36
"He who puts his trust in the Son has life that lasts forever. He who does not put his trust in the Son will not have life, but the anger of God is on him."

John 5:24
"For sure, I tell you, anyone who hears My Word and puts his trust in Him Who sent Me has life that lasts forever."

John 6:47
"For sure, I tell you, he who puts his trust in Me has life that lasts forever."

John 10:27-28
"My sheep hear My voice and I know them. They follow Me. I give them life that lasts forever."

John 17:3
"This is life that lasts forever. It is to know You, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ Whom You have sent."

Romans 5:21
"Sin had power that ended in death. Now, God's loving-favor has power to make men right with Himself. It gives life that lasts forever. Our Lord Jesus Christ did this for us."

Titus 1:2
"This truth also gives hope of life that lasts forever. God promised this before the world began. He cannot lie."

1 John 2:25
"And He has promised us life that lasts foreever."

[Again! Be carefully aware, dear reader, that, with regard to the above [normally!] clearly-understood expressions, if Milka and Tungus weren't being kept at bay, you would automatically (and DID consistently in the past) override your perception of the meaning of the Biblical term in question with very nonsensical, doubious and disconnective notions of a vague bliss which you could only attain by dying first! You should now be fully aware that death and dying are demonically antithetical to the Biblical notion of life that lasts forever and how anyone would "normally" regard the former as the gateway to the latter (in the same breath!) can only presuppose millenia of demonic conditioning.]

Thus, at the conclusion of our discussion of the "Verbi Dei Mysterium and the Plagues of Pandaemonia," we should clearly understand that the BIBLE (the "Verbum Dei," i.e., the "Word of God") details vital Good News relating to LIFE such as humans have never had a chance to know - because it was taken from them in the very beginning, and carefully hidden (for obvious reasons) by the Perveyor of Death, who has labored tirelessly to keep it a mystery from those who would seek to rediscover the HOPE of their stolen legacy...

HOWEVER, in accord with God's full intention to lift the ancient "mist of mysterium" from the Verbum Dei, it becomes clear that it is his unstoppable intention to provide an astonishing resolution to the sorrowful and seemingly endless (demonically induced) plagues of humanity - and that this resolution is provided through the God-appointed Seed who will (with divine imprimatur) eliminate the Perveyor of Death, Satan the Devil; as well as the maggot-infested effects of his heartless and malign rulership over humanity - via a restoration of all things to Edenic perfection, in which the miserable and deadly "Plagues of Pandaemonia" (as well as Pandaemonia itself!) will forever be things of the past...   Good News indeed!

Important Concluding Note...
Presumably, the reader has discerned by now, that an IMMENSE aspect of our discussion has not been treated at all, which is: If the dead are really dead and, they "...have returned to the dust...where they are conscious of nothing at all...where [in the grave] there is no work, nor divising, nor knowledge..." [Ecclesiastes 9:4-6,10] then, the question must be asked: "How do THEY (or CAN they?) acquire "life that lasts forever?"

This question is beyond the intended scope of our narrative, however, the reader might benefit from objectively researching the very powerful and pervasive Biblical concept of the "Resurrection" [Greek: anastasiV] which promises to open the gates of the grave for the innumerable billions of people who have already died in the past - so that they too may be included among the "meek who inherit the Earth..." Such would only be just and fair! Said Jesus Christ, who has had conferred upon him the "keys to death and hades," "Do not marvel at this because the hour is coming when all those in the tombs will hear his voice and come forth..." [John 5:14, Revelation 1:18]