The Divine Hebdomad
A Revealing Biblical Glimpse into the Stream of Time...

(   Austin TX November 2007)

את העלם נתן בלבם

[God] has placed [the notion of] eternity in the heart of [man]
[Ecclesiastes 3:11]

Life is an intensely compelling phenomenon...
We are all born dumber than stumps, naked, frightened, cold, confused, [...and initially] completely dependant upon circumstances thrust upon us without our election... and soon enough, we must begin immediately piecing it all together, on-the-run, holding our pants up with one hand and groping wildly in the dark with the other, frantically trying to acquire a brain as we attempt to figure out what's going on and how we fit into it... all the while, making such determinations with the colored and very questionable optic of the boiling cultural and environmental stew we happened to fall into straight out of the womb...

And as we tumble along in our intense free-fall down the white rapids of the Panta Rei, we keenly feel the wind and debris in our faces caused by the rapid passage of time and life, being painfully and horribly aware of the fact that [OUR] time and life are pathetically finite, much like a cheap carnival ride, during which, we sense (compellingly) that we must find satisfying answers to basic questions NOW before the ride ends, and we are unceremoniously (and forever) cast, kicking and screaming, into the cavernous Maw of Nihil... frantically parsing such basic questions in our head as those which have always been crashing helter-skelter into one another in the confined spaces of our receding consciousness... before the lights go out completely: "Why are we here?!," "Where are we going?!," "What's it all about?!," "Is this all there is?!," etc., etc...

And more often than not, we check out without having come to any revealing or comforting conclusions, our trail of tears being a mere blip in infinity, in which our brief presence is as the inconspicuous light-burst of a fire fly's belly, which we happened to see simply because we were looking (haphazardly) in the right direction, on a forgotten summer night, in a forgotten place, in a forgotten life...

It is exactly as Solomon stated three thousand years ago: "All is vanity...," "All things are wearisome...," "All are even [eventually] forgotten..." And as one acquires more and more awareness of this, the more one is immeasurably pained. [Ecclesiastes chapters 1 & 2]

In the light of this terribly oppressive life-dynamic, is there any "handle" which we can grab onto which will relieve us of the constant pain and uncertainty, and provide a meaningful hope that this will all end on a good note? Is there a trap door out there somewhere?! Is there something we're missing?! a piece of the puzzle which will bring everything into focus? ... and either confirm or deny our relevance and placement in the interminable stream of time?!

DEFINITION: "hebdomad" from Greek: ebdomaV
meaning "seven," "a series of seven," e.g.,
"a week," "a series of seven [days]," etc...

Important Note: This discussion presumes that the reader has read and understands the concepts
presented in the article,   "Did God Create Everything in Six 24-hour Days?"   at this website.

In the web-article referenced immediately preceding, we define three very important Biblical notions which must be borne in mind as we build upon them in the current related discussion. These notions are:

1. The first statement in the Bible [Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."] represents an incomprehensibly vast (yet finite) period of time which PRECEDED the Genesis "DAYs."

2. Each of the Genesis "DAYs" in themselves ALSO represent immense periods of time, but they are of significantly LESS length than the period of time described by Genesis 1:1.

3. The unqualified use of the word "day" in the Bible [and in real life!] can suggest extremely varied and flexible lengths of time depending upon context, as will become evident in this article.

[If these notions do NOT make immediate sense to the reader, this is a good indication that the web article suggested above be read and understood before proceeding!]

[An Interesting Aside: The Bible itself could appropriately be entitled "The Divine Hebdomad." However, strictly speaking, it is not, but is instead a magnificent DESCRIPTION of The Divine Hebdomad. This very rarely understood [yet very exciting] structural dimension of the Bible will become evident as our narrative continues.]

What IS "The Divine Hebdomad?" Most simply stated, it is [merely] ONE of an endless succession of hebdomada, (pl) EACH of which may [because it is, in effect, a "Work Week" of God, i.e., seven days] be termed "A Divine Hebdomad." BUT, we will call it "OUR Divine Hebdomad" because it is very special to us, being God's Work Week in which WE humans find ourselves at this point in the stream of time. Because this Work Week pertains to US, WE are especially interested in its outcome because IN IT (i.e., in THIS Work Week) the Earth was prepared for our happy habitation; [NOTE: "prepared" NOT "created," a critical difference: The earth had long since been created BEFORE being prepared for human habitation... (If this distinction is NOT clear, then this serves as yet another good indication that you should read the above-referenced article before proceeding any further...) ] IN IT we were created, IN IT the human saga began and is STILL ongoing, and IN IT, our future will be determined.

Thus, almost immediately, the Bible reveals its hebdomadal structure by describing a divine "Work Week" of staggeringly complex preparatory activities taking place in a succession of Genesis "DAYs". Unintuitively, however, in the first chapter of Genesis, these DAYs are described with remarkably simple [and typical] Biblical understatement, such that each DAY, although described with less than a page of verbiage, obviously encompasses inconceivably vast amounts of time.   (more on this later)

With this very important concept in mind, we may again be reminded that our Divine Hebdomad is, in fact, merely ONE hebdomad in an endless succession of divine hebdomada which extends backward into the infinite past and projects itself forward into the infinite future. This concept may be illustrated as follows:

Our Divine Hebdomad (the middle hebdomad, gray and segmented) in the infinite progression of Divine Hebdomada, i.e., Divine "Work Weeks." [Note that each of the seven segments in Our Divine Hebdomad represents a Genesis "DAY."]

The white hebdomada (to the left of Our Divine Hebdomad) represent divine Work Weeks which have already occurred. The rose-colored hebdomada (to the right of Our Divine Hebdomad) represent divine Work Weeks which are yet future.

NOTE that, conceptually, the white and rose-colored hebdomada may also be regarded as segmented into seven units, but this division is made evident here only for Our Divine Hebdomad simply because the Bible accounts for these divisions, but says absolutely nothing about the divisions of the the other hebdomada, past or future. This simple Biblical ommission alone bears staggering implications regarding what divine activity has preceded that of our Divine Hebdomad, and even more staggeringly, the implications regarding what divine activity lies yet ahead...

Hopefully, by carefully contemplating these matters, the reader appreciates the incomprehensibly mind-boggling extent of infinite time we are discussing here, and how our meager hebdomad, despite its own immense extension of compartmentalized time, represents a mere flash in eternity, lest we take ourselves too seriously in the grand scheme of things...

A Important Biblical Refinement of our Diagram above:
Genesis 1:1 demands a special "sub-optic" on the illustration we have constructed thus far. With this in mind, NOTE, in the illustration which follows, the red-dotted frame immediately to the left of our Divine Hebdomad. This red-dotted frame extends BACKWARD into the indefinite past JUST far enough to capture the Genesis "Beginning," at which time, God began creating the "heavens and the earth," i.e., the universe! The space between the parallel vertical blue lines then suggests a huge (but finite) stretch of unknown time consisting of countless past "Work Weeks" WITHIN the red-dotted frame during which it took God to begin AND finish creating the universe!

The red-dotted frame then, in toto, represents the extremely vast (but finite) span of time which began in the Genesis "beginning" and ended just prior to the first DAY of our Divine Hebdomad, all of which comprises the immense temporal infrastructure of the [mere!] 1st verse in the Bible... And please bear in mind that the progression of PAST, i.e., white, hebdomada extends INFINITELY backward BEYOND the left end of the red-dotted frame(!) BEFORE Genesis 1:1 even began!

An interesting NOTE regarding the HUGE disproportion which exists between the above illustration and its corresponding Biblical verbiage...

Note carefully that the COMBINATION of the-red-dotted-frame-PLUS-our-Divine-Hebdomad [ALL contained within the black-dotted frame] in the above illustration, represents the Bible's ENTIRE descriptive content, which extends forward from the creation of the heavens and the earth, (Genesis 1:1) untold billions of years ago, through the millenial reign of Christ, (in yellow) the conclusion of which lies approximately 1000 years into our future, at the right end of our Divine Hebdomad.

Now NOTE the disproportion we speak of: The red-dotted frame, which comprises the largest portion of the illustrated COMBINATION above, is described by the [mere] first VERSE in the Bible! The first 6 segments of our Divine Hebdomad are described by the first two CHAPTERs in the Bible. And QUITE disproportionately, the 7th (colored) segment of our Divine Hebdomad is described by the ENTIRE remainder of the Bible, (!) i.e., chapter 3 of Genesis through the last chapter of Revelation!) The Bible does NOT concern itself with any details outside of the black-dotted frame.

A Closer Look...
Having established Our Divine Hebdomad in the infinite stream of Divine Hebdomada, we may now begin a closer examination of it and discover where we actually are within it. Thus, in the following illustration, we descend yet another level closer to our own historical proximity...

Notice the enlarged representation of our Divine Hebdomad with its seven segments now labelled as "DAY 1" through "DAY 7." Again, notice DAY 7's splash of distinct coloring to remind us that DAY 7 is very special, representing the "colorful" and complete historical register of the Bible extending from Genesis chapter 3 through the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of John, all of which parallels the complete history of mankind to the present day and extending 1000 years into our future, thus ending Our Divine Hebdomad! (As we proceed, it will become clearly evident to the reader that the remainder of this narrative concerns itself primarily with "DAY 7...")

It is at this point that the unique quality of the Bible as a divinely inspired historical register of "Seven Days" (i.e., a hebdomad) begins to become evident. As a matter of fact, recapping our previous progressive illustrations and their accompanying narratives, we should clearly grasp their relationship to the hebdomadic structure of the Bible, i.e.,

Genesis 1:1 The first verse of the Bible states, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." (Again, this immense span of activity is represented by the red-dotted frame depicted in the illustration above.)   followed by...

The DAYS of our Divine Hebdomad:

God clarifies the earth's opaque cosmic cover sufficiently to allow light from the sun to be visible on the surface of the earth, such that night and day become apparent. (Genesis 1:3-5)
DAY 1 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a first DAY." (Genesis 1:5)]

God makes the Expanse. (Genesis 1:6-8)
DAY 2 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a second DAY." (Genesis 1:8)]

God makes dry land appear and propagates vegetation. (Genesis 1:9-13)
DAY 3 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a third DAY." (Genesis 1:13)]

God further clarifies the earth's cosmic cover sufficiently to make the sun and moon slightly visible from the earth's surface. (Genesis 1:14-19)
DAY 4 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a fourth DAY." (Genesis 1:19)]

God creates sea creatures and flying creatures. (Genesis 1:20-23)
DAY 5 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a fifth DAY." (Genesis 1:23)]

God creates land creatures. God then creates Adam and Eve and places them in the garden of Eden, instructing them to be fruitful and fill the earth. (Genesis 1:24-31;2:4-24)
DAY 6 ENDS   ["...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, a sixth DAY." (Genesis 1:31)]

GOD'S SABBATH OR REST (and mankind's history) BEGINS.

*   NOTE CAREFULLY that, according to the inspired Biblical narrative, the very purposeful and formulaic declaration of "END-OF-DAY"   i.e., "...and there came to be evening and there came to be morning, etc..." is [quite conspicuously!] NOT declared for DAY 7 - simply because we are still in DAY 7. Very very few Bible readers comprehend this profound notion, which will be expanded upon as we proceed...]

An Even Closer Look...
Now notice in the following illustration, the more expanded representation of our previous illustration. Here we descend to one more level of granularity and break DAY 7 down into 7 lesser "days." Notice that the days comprising this last level of scrutiny ALL comprise God's Rest DAY, His "Sabbath" (i.e., DAY 7) AND ALL are designated as lower-case "days." (i.e., "day" 1 through "day" 7) This distinction is very important, and as can be seen, indicates that the "days" of our last level are of significantly less length than the "DAYs" of the previous level, and NOW fall into a humanly comprehensible chronology which we are reasonably familiar with: Thus, these "blue" days [somewhat imprecisely *] represent mankind's "Historical" record which is nebulously defined by historians as beginning roughly 6000 years ago, demarcated by evidence of very ancient written records which hark back to the approximate beginning of "day 1" (lower-case) but no further.

Having descended three levels into the hebdomadic structure of the Biblical narrative, we may now begin a far more granular synchronization of the lower-case "days" with the narrative of the Bible as we pick it up at Genesis chapter three and follow it through to the end of Revelation. Notice that we are STILL dealing with vast amounts of time here, nevertheless, it is time which is reasonably comprehensible because it roughly coincides with our (i.e., mankind's) history. With this in mind, notice the "x" which is located just prior to the blue demarcation between "day 6" and "day 7." This "x" represents our approximate location (i.e., where we are now in the 21st century) on this intriguing Biblical continuum...

* For Those Who May Have Surmised...
In the above segmented representation of DAY 7 into [lesser] "days" (lower-case) 1 through 7, the reader, based upon our preceding narrative, may have deduced that the lower-case "days" each represent 1000 years. That deduction is correct, (cf, 2 Peter 3:8) HOWEVER...

If this is the case, then wouldn't the demarcation between "days" 4 and 5 represent the familiar point of separation between our historical eras of "BC" and "AD"? And if so, then shouldn't the "x"" (representing where we are now (i.e., 21st century) ) be located to the RIGHT [instead of the LEFT?!] of the blue demarcation between "days" 6 and 7?! It would certainly seem so, HOWEVER...

Although we (in the 21st century) most assuredly find ourselves beyond 2000 AD, (i.e., seemingly, therefore, to the RIGHT of the blue demarcation above) there are at least three difficulties to keep in mind which would suggest that the placement of our "x" on the above continuum not be dogmatic: 1.) There is a little-known chronological GAP of uncertain length which occurred PRIOR to the beginning of DAY 7, (upper-case) which causes all subsequent human assessments of our chronology to be somewhat "squishy" at best. 2.) Apart from this GAP, our universally admitted myopic (and hotly contested) perception of the chronology of ancient historical events makes these matters even more "squishy," and 3.) [very importantly!] we must remember that the (blue and yellow) 7-day continuum represents God's timing in the progression of divine hebdomada (which is infinitely precise) and we are simply trying, in a bungling fashion, to "sync-up" our known history (and its admittedly uncertain chronology) with the [divinely precise] 7-day continuum as best we can! So there is imprecision here to say the least!

In the light of these difficulties, we can more amenably depict the divinely precise 7-day continuum by placing beneath it a similarly segmented continuum representing Our ["perceived"] Historical Chronology. Then, by staggering that chronology by the length of the GAP we will see that we then find our "x" (i.e., where we are now) to the RIGHT of the blue demarcation where (from our human perspective in the 21st century) we think it should be!

Additional clarification regarding the above illustration...
Notice that the lines connecting the boxed labels to the 1000-year segments of "Our "Historical Chronology" are grey and get progressively thicker as we go backward in time from "BC." This is simply to remind the reader of the progressively greater chronological uncertainty which occurs as we go further back in time. Notice also that this illustrative device comports with the latin designation of "circa" (abbreviated as "c") meaning "about," i.e., "approximation applies to these dates!" in the "wholesome" spirit of big round numbers...

Furthermore, bear in mind that yellow "day 7" represents (on God's divine continuum) the Millenial ("1000-year") Reign of Christ, which obviously hasn't started yet, confirming that, indeed, the "x" (from the perspective of God's divine continuum) should be to the LEFT of the blue demarcation; but from the perspective of "Our Historical Chronology," to the RIGHT of 2000 AD - all of this suggesting, of course, that we are palpably close to the onset of the Millenium, which ("let the reader be aware...") [Greek: "o anaginwskwn noeitw..."] (Matthew 24:15)] is immediately preceded by Armageddon....

And finally, for the curious...
A discussion of the above-mentioned GAP is beyond the scope of this narrative, however, it has roughly to do with the unknown span of time which elapsed BETWEEN Adam's creation and the END of DAY 6. (upper-case) The Genesis account is silent about this, however, a careful reading of the account (Genesis 1:24 - 2:25) reveals clearly that several (time-consuming) events happened AFTER Adam's creation and BEFORE DAY 6 ended - for example, the creation of Eve. These events occurred during the GAP, which could easily be comprised of many years - even decades! (e.g., Why, upon sighting Eve, did Adam exclaim, (obviously fervently!) "There [she is] (!) [It's about] time!..."
[ Hebrew: זאת הפעם ]
) ?

Thus the uncertain length of [rose-colored] time comprising the GAP is conceptually present at any point along our continuum, but it is re-depicted in our illustration between "days" 6 and 7 because this is where we are now. And because of the GAP we can't be precise about "where we are now" except to say that we are very close to the beginning of the Millenial Reign - which, as stated before, is immediately preceded by Armageddon. As a matter of fact, it is primarily BECAUSE of the GAP that Christ could say, (with regard to the onset of Armageddon) "Nobody knows the day or the hour..." (Matthew 24:36) HOWEVER, This is NOT to say that we cannot determine the "season" of this important chronological matter. As our depicted time line clearly confirms, we are definitely "in the season." THEREFORE, mindful awareness of this fact is certainly advisable... (1 Thessalonians 5:1-2)

An Intriguing Summary of "days" 1 through 7
and How We Got Here from There...

Now that we have managed to place ourselves at a comprehensible point ("x") on the eternal Panta Rei, we can review (in broad brush strokes) what we know about it. To that end, we will modify our previous illustration with some additional commentary and elaborate on this commentary as we proceed. Note also that our segments are now nominated "A" through "G" to simplify reference to them.

Bearing in mind that "Our Historical Chronology" is intended to depict the history of mankind, it must logically begin with the creation of Adam in the latter part of "DAY 6." (upper-case) Therefore, it extends backward to that point; and from there, the "gap" takes us forward to the END of DAY 6. It is at this point that God surveys all that he has done over the previous 6 "DAYs" (upper-case) and declares ALL of it "very good!," (Genesis 1:31) meaning that nothing is, as yet, out of order, i.e., running contrary to His divine will.

Thus, it is now DAY 7. God proceeds to rest. The earth is now fully prepared for habitation by living things, including Adam and Eve, who are present and accounted for and enjoying their edenic paradise in human perfection, which includes their full expectation (and full physiological capacity) to live forever. [NOTE: If this expectation is not understood, please review the discussion regarding the implications of Genesis 2:17 in the article "The Good News, The VERBI DEI MYSTERIUM and The Plagues of Pandaemonia" at this website.]

Adam and Eve are tasked with the divine mandate to "fill the earth and subdue it" such that, by the END of DAY 7, (upper-case) God's earthly agenda for "Our Divine Hebdomad" will have been successfully completed. By then, the conditions of Eden [would] have been propagated throughout the planet by Adam and Eve, along with their numberless perfect offspring, filling the earth and living in perfect harmony with themselves and their benevolently subdued terrestrial environment.

HOWEVER, back at the ranch, (i.e., in the very early part of Segment A) we find Adam and Eve [under Satan's diabolical tuteledge] trashing everything and sending mankind on a numbing 6000-year trajectory of death and incomprehensible misery. (Segments A through F) It is by their negative and selfish exercise of FREE WILL that they determine to follow their demonic tutor over to the "Dark Side," ABANDONING their Creator and consigning their God-given peace, perfection and idyllic security to the insatiable ash heaps of subsequent history, as well as the unimaginably cruel whims of their newly "elected" satanic "Lord" and "Master." (Romans 6:16) to the utter detriment of all humanity. Thus, regarding the Edenic Tragedy, the divine record matter-of-factly declares: "Through one man (Adam - induced by Satan) sin and death spread to all men..." (Romans 5:12, 18, 19)

In view of this terrible turn of events, and for the purpose of illustrating a grand and eternal moral lesson for those of mankind who will eventually survive this monumental fiasco, (and, therefore, have the God-given privilege of surviving on into the eternal stream of succeeding divine hebdomada) God allowed this new horribly negative dynamic to proceed. (Romans 8:20-21) By doing so, He would provide a convincing historical record of proof to illustrate the inarguable inanity of humans exercising their free will in opposition to their Creator's infinitely superior, benevolent and universal divine will.

Thus, this historical record would be initiated, played out and forever open to evaluation by all intelligent living creatures who have experienced it and suffered immeasurably from it. And it would, thenceforth, stand as a convincing (and eternal) moral deterrent from ever opposing the will of God again. An eternal legal precedent would thereby be established to allow divine judicial action to be taken immediately against any free-will creature (after the likeness of Adam, Eve or Satan) who, to the injury of all others, and the selfish exercise of his own agenda, would callously start this madness all over again. And ALL of this would be accomplished within the 7th DAY" of OUR Divine Hebdomad, such that, when the eternal stream of divine hebdomada continues on its infinite journey, all humans who will have proved themselves obedient to God (having learned the lessons of history's 6000-year human folly) will be (forever!) on board to have a meaningful and fulfilling part in whatever God's will might subsequently define - on into the endless future.

The Eternal Argument Regarding FREE WILL and Its Exercise...
It is extremely important to take a moment to think carefully about the implications of the exercise of free will, particularly for the benefit of those who might be swayed by the sophistic and frothy blathering of myopic fools who would suggest that the very nature of free will demands its boundless exercise by any who so choose...

Such ones, in their disdainful exercise of free will, have simply determined NOT to be inconvenienced by the obligatory burden of moral restraint which comes with it. However, due to God's allowing the results of the Edenic tragedy to play out over 6 thousand years of time, we now have an incontrovertible historical record of proof which shows the folly of such nonsensical reasoning. The lesson to be drawn from history's record of unrelenting human travail is that free will MUST be exercised WITHIN the the much broader framework of God's divine will. If it is not, we have our irrefutable historical record to remind us of the consequences. Hence, we understand the fervent petition of the son of God, that "[God's] will be done [once and for all!] on earth as it is in heaven..." (Matthew 6:10)

In the light of this, it is very instructive to consider the profound ramifications of the above overarching axiom by reviewing the very subtle and understated Edenic narrative in which God told Adam (who subsequently told Eve) that they were NOT to eat from "the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad." [Hebrew: העץ הדעת טוב ורע ] lest they die.

To the commonly casual reader of the Bible, this seemingly simplistic mandate appears almost Dr-Seuss-like in its apparent narrative remoteness and "seeming" personal inconsequence. (We've ALL stolen fruit from a tree and happily sated ourselves with the booty, laughing at the image of the infuriated owner running after us, arms-a-flailing, spitting obscenities, as we make off with his precious product stuffed in our shirts and pants - more than we could ever eat, thoughtlessly trashing the leftovers later in a riotous fruit fight...and decades later, narrating this brainless escapade to our wide-eyed and fascinated grandchildren - who happily perpetuate the foolish tradition because gramps did it and had a blast...) But in truth, we are not even remotely talking about the inappropriate acquisition of fruit here, and there is NO comparison between gramps' mischief and the horrific presumption of Adam and Eve. The latter carries incomprehensibly profound consequences which the human race is still reeling from - and which would spell its eventual and complete demise were it not for God's merciful intervention.

In the case of Adam and Eve, our human progenitors, (our parents!) making their ill-advised [free will] choice, we have two newly-created and profoundly inexperienced humans stupidly, short-sightedly and presumptuously taking upon themselves the DIVINE prerogative of determining what is "good and bad" in the midst of a vast universal dynamic which they can't even BEGIN to understand! And NOW ALL of us (the progeny of Adam and Eve) have inherited our parents shallow disregard for our creator's moral imperative: Is it not true that, throughout our bungling history, we have proceeded with the arrogant presumption that "NOBODY is telling US what to do! (by God!)" "WE will determine for OURSELVES what WE will accept as good and bad!" (Are we not then, (dear reader) at this very moment, proceeding in life "guided" by our own personal notions of good and bad, which WE have decided to establish for ourselves, quite flexibly, adaptably and eclectically, to be sure(!) depending upon convenience, circumstance and consequence...??) And WHEN did we last consult God about this?! Thus, are we not, EACH, figuratively, constantly and very non-chalantly(!) picking fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad all over again?! - just as our original parents did?! The symbolism here is profoundly accurate...

Thus, the painful lesson to be learned from all of this is worth reiterating: Our divinely-provisioned gift of free will MUST (very logically!) be exercised WITHIN the much broader framework of our Creator's divine will. God gifted us with free will with the obvious and reasonable expectation that we use it intelligently, thoughtfully, compassionately and obediently, etc.

This terrible Edenic Tragedy (and our resultant Paradise Lost) MUST be understood in the light of the big picture which we have been discussing from the beginning of this narrative. Relative to this, the Son of God made an interesting statement concerning the eternal "work ethic" of God: (Remember that we are discussing our Divine Hebdomad, which is one hebdomad in an eternal procession of hebdomada, each of which is a "Work Week of God...) Jesus said, "My father has kept working until now, and I keep working." (John 5:17) We may assume with absolute confidence that the intentions of God's work are not frivolous - that it is divinely purposeful, and WILL be accomplished according to his divine will.

Thus, God [emphatically] declares through his ancient prophet Isaiah, " word that goes forth from my mouth ... shall NOT return to me empty, but it SHALL accomplish that which I purpose, and [it] SHALL succeed in the thing for which I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11)

In the light of this, it should be very clear to the reader that God's benevolent intention with regard to the earth and mankind WILL be accomplished by the end of the current Hebdomad, REGARDLESS of the willful actions of our original parents and their "elected" leader. (... who, by such [Edenic] "election," became the "ruler of the world," [Greek " o arcwn tou kosmou toutou"] i.e., Satan.)

Note below the additional details at the right end of our illustration. At this point, we should be aware that the combined activities of Armageddon and the Millenial Reign of Christ play key roles in bringing Our Divine Hebdomad to its highly anticipated successful conclusion. Think of Armageddon as the grand "sweep" which eliminates from planet earth EVERYTHING in opposition to God's will; and think of Christ's Millenial Reign as the necessary follow-up, to re-build and "cure" the planet and surviving mankind of the horrible effects of the previous 6000 years of mindless folly, enabling them to "regain the paradise which was lost" so long ago. At such point, God's original intention with regard to the earth and mankind will be accomplished right on time, within Our divine Hebdomad, such that the NEXT hebdomad may begin on a clean slate with obedient humanity in-tow - having learned (once-and-for-all-time) an incalculably valuable lesson about their discretionary use of the tremendous faculty of free will...

The Long Road Home

Given the big picture displayed above, we see clearly that we are at a critical juncture ("x") in the hebdomadal scheme of things and that a vast amount of time has elapsed between the point of the Edenic Tragedy ("Paradise Lost") and now... and will YET elapse to the point at which [c 1000 years into our future] the effects of the Tragedy are finally resolved and "Paradise is Regained."

With this in mind, it would be instructive to review the progressive historic developments which were put in place by our Creator to bring His resolution of these matters about, ALL within His very precise hebdomadal time frame. Thus, in the following illustration, we will populate Segments A through G of "Our Historical Chronology" with recognizable historical events (most of which are Biblical) and follow the development of these matters as prophesied in the Bible and as confirmed by the Bible's evolving historical and prophetic content.

A Note Concerning the [Many] Controversies of Biblical Chronology:
The above 6000-year timeline, (Segments A through F of "Our Historical Chronology") is reasonably close to any presentation of Biblical chronology which the reader may choose to review. There are, of course, differences which various chronologies will espouse, sometimes loudly and obnoxiously. Nevertheless, most fall very comfortably close to the acceptable boundaries of the Bible's "c-6000-year" chronological account of mankind's history, as a careful review and comparison of the Bible's numerous geneologies (e.g., Genesis 5, Genesis 10, Matthew 1, Luke 3, etc.) will make clear.

"Anno Mundi"   [Latin, meaning "in the Year of the World"]
Relative to this, it is very interesting to note some of the similar (and confirming) estimations of the calendar notion of "Anno Mundi" as suggested by Celtic, Byzantine, Roman Catholic, Jewish (and other) histories most of which propose a date for "Anno Mundi" of somewhere between c 3500 to c 4000 BC, which establishes (from our 21st century perspective) the recognizably approximate "6000 year" timeline depicted in our illustrations.

It is very important to note here, however, that the underlying general notion of the concept of "Anno Mundi" mistakenly suggests the CREATION of the physical world, (or even the CREATION of the physical universe) (!) which concepts, based upon ample empirical evidence, certainly do not make comfortable sense, i.e., that either the world or the universe is only c 6000 years old... Therefore, what we wish to draw from the ancient and established concept of "Anno Mundi" are, NOT the controversial interpretations of what happened "Anno Mundi" (i.e., "c 6000 years ago"), but, rather, that the 6000 year chronology is indeed comfortably established by the internal genealogies of the Bible and represents the AGE OF MAN, and NOT the age of the [physical] world or universe.

[For more discussion of this controversial issue, please see the [previously recommended] article: "Did God Create Everything in Six 24-Hour Days?" at this website.]

Segments "A" and "B"

The most ancient Biblical expression of the above-mentioned "Resolution" to the Edenic Tragedy presents itself immediately after Satan, Adam and Eve played their foolish hand in Eden and God pronounced judgement upon them. To Satan specifically, God indicated that a future "Seed" (i.e., "offspring," [of Man] ("Son of Man" if you will! - an obvious future reference to Jesus Christ!)) would kill him, [Satan] (Genesis 3:15) and thus, END his cruel and sadistic rulership over planet Earth...

This remarkable pronouncement, taken together with the fact that (much later) the Bible explicitly declares Christ to BE the "Seed" [Galatians 3:16 KJV] and to BE "the Lamb of God who removes sin from the world..." [John 1:29] should enable us to see clearly that God's solution to mankind's long and seemingly interminable history of sin and death is their total removal! (i.e., the total removal of sin and death...) [Romans 6:22,23] followed by the execution of the one who started it all - Satan. [Romans 16:20] Let's review the historical trajectory which ultimately gets us to that long-awaited point:

It must be admitted that our grasp of the remaining events which occurred during the first two millenia of our chronology is quite handicapped, and apart from our knowledge of the Edenic tragedy, the Flood and the Tower of Babel (thanks exclusively to the Biblical record!) our understanding of what went on during this nebulous period of our past is quite spotty. Nevertheless, the following are a few interesting developments which the Bible confirms:

* A seemingly permanent model for the fine and ancient art of murder (exclusive to humanity!) is established in the execution of Abel by his brother Cain. (Genesis 4:8) "Let the games begin..."

* A colorful variation on the above theme is depicted in the person of polygamous Lamech who slew a young man and composed bardy verse about it to impress his women.(Genesis 4:23-24) (And you thought "gangsta rap" was a new thing...)

* The apparent "invention" of worshipful idolotry is suggested in the curious Hebrew phrase, " אז הוחל לקרא בשׁם יהוה " which is understood by Talmudic scholars to mean the blasphemous "calling upon" idols by the personal name of God, (Jehovah) during the time of Enosh. (Genesis 4:26) This suggests an extremely significant religious development in the early history of mankind in that, already, people have begun establishing idolatrous worship and attempting to dignify it by calling upon the name of God in their litanies. The figurative extention of this ancient practice has continued throughout our history and is rampant even now in the modern world. (Note the reflection of such common and hypocritical mentality as cited by Christ (4000 years later!) at Matthew 7:21-23, (regarding those whom he called "outlaws") they saying, "Lord, Lord, did we not do [this and that and that!] in your name?!")

* The establishment of farming and animal husbandry as practiced by Cain and Abel begins, and is apparently raised to a more refined level of undertaking at the hand of Jabal. (Genesis 4:2; 4:20)

* The invention and use of musical instruments occurs at the hand of Jubal. (Genesis 4:21)

* The establishment of metal working and production of tools and implements occurs at the hand of Tubal-Cain. (Genesis 4:22)

NOTE that this is also the period of mankind's history during which legendary human life spans of nearly 1000 years were apparently common. (Genesis 5:1-31)

Of note also is the likelihood that the very ancient cultural mythologies of the world sprang from this period and undoubtedly contributed to the formulation of non-biblical religious practices, superstitions and traditions which remain with us to this day. This may be surmised from the ancient Jewish legends which elaborate on the mysterious report at Genesis 6:1-4 suggesting that demons (disobedient angels) took on human bodies and co-habited with earthly women to generate a race of violent and fickle giants called nephilim. [ Hebrew: נפלים ] This very ancient and lawless activity undoubtedly contributed to the rise of the abundant and diverse cultural mythologies which tirelessly speak of gods visiting the realm of humans, co-habiting with them and wreaking their peculiar divine havoc on them such that countless mythologies were born which reach down to us from the most ancient periods of our history. (Fortunately, the Flood put an end to these unsavory antediluvian antics.)

[It is very interesting to note regarding these antics that they occurred BEFORE the incident at the Tower of Babel. This is very significant because when God scattered mankind from Babel by multiplying his language, he (mankind) then took with him his shared recollection of the pre-flood world now newly clothed in a multi-lingual mythological matrix, generating the incredible descriptive diversity of global mythologies filtered down to us through the historical watershed of Babel.]

In Addition...
A very import concept which must be borne in mind throughout the remainder of this narrative:
Following the sin of Adam and Eve and their resulting judicial sentence of eventual death for themselves and their offspring; (which sentence was extended to Satan as well) and their subsequent expulsion from Eden, we see established (for the first time) the ineluctible dynamic of "AION," [Greek: aiwn] which has remained with us to this day, and will continue with us until the onset of Christ's millenial reign. So, What is AION?!

AION, in itself, is not a bad thing. However, it can be... (and certainly IS in this case!) In Greek, it basically denotes an historical extension of time (inherently long) in which a recognizable and dominant dynamic is in play. (In common English parlance, the word loses this important flavor and simply presents itself as a vague and immense span of time, (i.e., English: "eon" or "aeon") without any particular character dynamic (good, bad or ugly) assigned to its duration.

The AION which we are discussing implies much more than this. It is, in fact, the extended historical dynamic in which Satan is the driving force, and over which he is the ruler. His unmistakable signature absolutely permeates everything in our AION. Thus, we see throughout our history (Segments A thru F) death, disease, war, poverty, immorality, crime, ethnic strife, genocides, attitudes and life styles which perpetuate all of this, regardless of where we are or what period of history we have lived in. From all of this, we can easily see our AION's very "recognizable and dominant dynamic in play," all of it engineered by Satan, whom the Bible, therefore, appropriately names "the god of this AION" [Greek: o qeoV tou aiwnoV toutou] (2 Corinthians 4:4) whose dark authority absolutely permeates the very air we breathe. (Ephesians 2:2)

It is for this reason that Jesus' Apostles eagerly wanted to know once and for all, "What will be the sign of your [Christ's] presence and the end of the AION?!" to which Christ replied with the description recorded by the Gospel writers at Matthew chapters 24 and 25; Mark chapter 13 and Luke chapter 21 which essentially describes our current precipitous descent into social disintegration on an unprecedented global scale - ALL of this being a Biblically-provided SIGN of the "Last Days" in which Christ's (the "Seed's") final judgmental "clean-up" activity (i.e., Armageddon) will begin. (What better time for this [long-scheduled] divine intervention to take place to save us from our [pathetic] selves!)
As we proceed in our consideration of the following historical "Segments," remember that throughout them all, (except Segment G (Christ's Millenial Reign) ) Satan is (by God's allowance) the God of this [our] AION...

(For the purpose of referential simplicity, we will repeat our illustration of salient
historical events here, and proceed with our discussion of the remaining segments.)

Segments "C" through "F"

The blue indicators in the above illustration represent biblically confirmed events which may be seen relative to the orange indicators which are secular historical events whose juxtaposed placement will enable the reader to appreciate the extreme antiquity and vast historical expanse which is involved here as we trace "Our Historical Chronology." Of course, the orange indicated events are displayed (few-and-far-between) purely at the author's discretion for basic simplicity of discussion. HOWEVER, bear in mind that we are logging the entire history of mankind here - and the reader may certainly feel free to "wax liberal" as he includes for himself countless other historical events which fall into this immense continuum... [e.g., (in no particular order...) the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, the Crusades, world exploration by the colonial powers (Portugal, Spain, England, France, Netherlands, etc.) the rise and fall of empires and dynasties (e.g., Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Mayan, Medo-Persian, Greek, Assyrian, etc.) the Magna Carta, the Renaissance, etc., etc...(pick and choose what you like! (it's ALL there...) ) ]

AND REMEMBER! ALL of this is contained in the last DAY (DAY 7) of our humble hebdomad - which is STILL ongoing - and will continue for the next 1000 years, through the (yellow) Millenial Reign of Christ!:

[NOTE: the following verbiage which covers the Jewish and Christian Dispensations depicted in our illustration is extremely condensed. For a detailed and clarifying discussion of this important 3500-year period of "Our Historical Chronology," please see the article "Judaism or Christianity - Who's Got It Right?" at this website.]

Picking up our narrative, following the language dispersion incident at the time of the Tower of Babel, we come upon Abraham. This is very significant because it is to Abraham that God (after a millenium-and-a-half!) finally provides more (very significant) details regarding the "Seed" whose mysterious and very cryptic introduction was made in Eden at the very beginning. (Genesis 3:15) Now we learn that the Seed will come through the line of Abraham, and that "ALL nations (of mankind) will [thereby] bless themselves..." (Genesis 22:15-18) Furthermore, God indicates that the line of the Seed will extend through Abraham's son Isaac, (Genesis 26:2-6) and through Isaac to his son Jacob. (Genesis 28:13-14)

According to the Biblical record, Jacob was later given the name Israel, (Genesis 32:28) and the offspring of his 12 sons became the 12 Tribes of the Nation of Israel, who, under the mediatorship of Moses, covenanted with God at Mount Sinai to become his "special people out of all the nations." Thus began the 1500-year Jewish Dispensation. During this special period of Jewish history, one of the tribes of Israel (Judah) went on to produce the dynasty of Judean Davidic Kings which eventually resulted in the birth of the promised Messiah. (the "Seed") Decades later, at the formal presentation of himself to his own people as their Messiah, the Jews rejected him and handed him over to their Roman governor, Pilate, for execution. The Jews' clear complicity in the execution of their Messiah, (as would be fully expected) summarily concluded their privileged status as God's "special people out of all the nations," at which time, the Jewish Dispensation came to an ignominious close.

Thankfully, the death of the "Seed" did not conclude his prophetic mission as the saviour of mankind. As the Christian record makes clear, his role as the Messianic Seed was recognized by a small body of faithful Jews who became known as "Christians" (Acts 11:26) and who undertook the divine mandate to announce to the world-at-large the Good News of God's Kingdom, which, under the divinely appointed kingship of Jesus Christ (the "Seed") would eventually (according to God's hebdomadal time-table) completely undo the sinful and death-dealing condition of mankind. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Thus, Christ was resurrected by God three days after his execution and 50 days later, on the Jewish festival of Pentecost, the Christian Dispensation (which is still ongoing) began. Since that time, Christ has sat at the right hand of his heavenly Father awaiting the divine signal to "go conquering in the midst of his enemies..." (Psalm 110:1-2) that, by means of his conquest, the effects (and perpetrators) of 6000 years of human and Satanic folly will be obliterated. The way will then be open for completing the original purpose of God, that "[God's] will [at long last] may be done on Earth as it is in heaven..." (Matthew 6:10)

Segment "G"

"Lord of the Sabbath"

In view of the exhilarating nature of the conclusion of this our painful "AION" at the hands of Christ, it is poetically resonant to realize the depth of long-standing implications which lie in the cryptic expression which Christ made at Matthew 12:8 in which he referred to himself (with profound understanding of the thousands of years of divine preparation which made him such) as the "Lord of the Sabbath." [Greek: kurioV tou sabbatou]

Realizing, as we now do, that a "hebdomad" is basically a composite of 7 things, (most notably 7 "days" in our case) which, in turn, make up one week, the last day (i.e., the 7th day) of which is a "sabbath," [Hebrew: שׁבת, meaning "rest"] we begin to see the welcoming outlines of a complete picture which assures us that (YES! dear pilgrim!) this will ALL end on a good note, despite the maniacal nature of our helter-skelter free-fall through the white rapids of the "Panta Rei."

Thus, we recall that the [yellow] Millenial Reign of the Seed comprises "day 7" (lower-case) which is the 1000-year period during which Christ (the "Lord of the Sabbath") brings to a successful conclusion, NOT ONLY his own 1000-year "Sabbath" reign but ALSO the great "Sabbath Rest Day" of God, ("DAY 7" (upper-case) ) the whole of which comprises the history of mankind! Therefore, his (Christ's) prophetic reference to himself as "Lord of the Sabbath" is DOUBLY emphatic.

Most astonishingly, Christ's (the "Seed's") role as "Lord of the Sabbath" includes his bringing about the Biblically-proclaimed RESURRECTION of mankind, in which "ALL those in the memorial tombs will hear the voice of the Son of Man and come to life..." and be given a 2nd chance to get it right! (John 5:28-29) This remarkable activity will take place throughout most of the Millenial Reign such that, by the time it concludes, virtually ALL of mankind who have lived and died during the last 6000 years [a population estimated in excess of 20 billion!) will be alive and enjoying human perfection on Earth which, by then, will be completely restored to global paradisaic conditions, as was the Creator's original intention - ALL OF THIS by the end of His grand "Rest Day," i.e., "DAY 7" (upper-case) of "Our Divine Hebdomad!" Thus, it is by means of the curative and corrective effects of the "Seed's" Millenial Reign, that our Divine Hebdomad will then take its place among the countless preceding [successful] hebdomada as God's eternal purpose moves on inexorably into the infinite future...

But that is not all!

Please note the divinely poetic completeness of the notion which follows...
Revelation 20:1-3;7-10 speaks of Satan being consigned to the "Abyss" (i.e., rendered inactive) throughout the 1000-year reign of Christ, after which, he is released to engineer a final ruse against humanity. The incredible dynamics of this final ruse of Satan perfectly demonstrate the divinely balanced justice of God in that, when Satan's release from the Abyss occurs, ALL conditions on earth will be absolutely Edenic. What does this mean?

It means that INSTEAD of EDEN [being a relatively small paradise arranged by God somewhere in the northeast corner of what is now the country of Turkey, and being populated by merely TWO perfect humans whose judicious exercise of FREE WILL was yet to be tested...] the ENTIRE EARTH will be an Edenic paradise FULLY populated with BILLIONS of perfect humans whose judicious exercise of FREE WILL has yet to be tested!

Thus, (to be contrasted with Satan's first ruse, in which the whole of humanity suffered interminably because of the selfish and injudicious FREE WILL decision of Adam and Eve) with Satan's final ruse, virtually every human who has ever lived (and experienced the horrific effects of Satan's first ruse) will, by means of the Resurrection, be given the chance to make his own judicious decision in this matter! Unfortunately, (and astoundingly!) the Biblical record indicates that many will STILL fail this final test! (Revelation 20:8) But most importantly, those who do NOT will be handed the unimaginable gift of everlasting life so as to grasp fully the "notion of eternity which the Creator put into their heart...

את העלם נתן בלבם