Who Done It?!
(Little Aaron Has A Bad Day)

(greeklatinaudio.com   Austin TX March 2007)

[ex muro omnis]

Once upon a time, long ago, (c 1000 BC) on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean,
in the ancient Hebrew village of Bet-Zayit, on a languid summer afternoon, while Daddy
was working in his shop and Mommy was outside in the garden...

[A segment of the famous Tel Zayit Abecedary
discovered July 2005 at Zeitah Israel]

...little Aaron-Akhiv (almost 6 years old) got his busy little mitts on some of Daddy's stone-cutting tools and proceeded to carve his ABC's on the wall of the family living room! Daddy and Mommy really got ticked, and little Aaron ended up having a very bad day. (and so did Daddy for not putting his tools away like Mommy told him a hundred times...)

3000 years later, esteemed archaeologists discover this "remarkable" artifact, and determine, with inexhaustible erudition, and too much Turkish coffee, a number of very interesting things, e.g.,

- Aaron's unfortunate little foray beyond the frontiers of house rules now presents itself as "an archaeological benchmark in the history of writing..."

- Aaron's quaint chiselings of "archaic alphabetic text raise the possibility that formal scribal training at the outlying site of Tel Zayit was a result of a rapidly developing Israelite bureaucracy in Jerusalem..."

- Aaron's precocious work suggests "the early appearance of literacy in Tel Zayit..."

- According to experts in ancient writing, Aaron's opus showed that "at this stage the Hebrew alphabet was still in transition from its Phoenician roots, but recognizably Hebrew..."

- According to an authority on ancient Middle Eastern writing at Johns Hopkins University, Aaron's inscription represents "...a Phoenician type of alphabet that is being adapted." (The assessor, in fact, "believe[s] it is proto-Hebrew, but can't prove it for certain...")

- "In a study of the alphabet, [a subject expert] noted that the Phoenician-based letters were 'beginning to show their own [Hebrew] characteristics...'"

- "Another baffling peculiarity is that in four cases the letters are reversed in sequence!" (It wasn't until AFTER little Aaron's unfortunate "Incident" that he was able to get the order of those pesky letters right...)

- FINIS LITTLE AARON -     [See related link: Oldest Language? (A Biblical Perspective) at this website.]