Segment of 16th Century Complutensian Polyglot


The Divine Hebdomad
A Revealing Biblical Glimpse Into the Stream of Time

Who Done It?! (Aaron's Bad Day)

The Good News, The Verbi Dei Mysterium and the Plagues of Pandaemonia

Judaism or Christianity - Who's Got It Right?

What Did It Sound Like?

Capital Punishment?    Turning the other Cheek?

Did God Create Everything in Six 24-Hour Days?

Who or What is the Antichrist?

Bible Translation and Interpretation - Do You Know the Difference?

Who is KerberoV and What Is He Doing Here?

Oldest Language? (A Biblical Perspective)

Is Peter the Rock?

Does John 1:1 Indicate that God and Christ (the Logos) are One-And-The-Same?


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